User Account

  • arrow (1) Wing bus provides you the facility of opening user account on the website that can be linked to Email id and Mobile number.
  • Responsibility

  • arrow (1) Issuing a valid ticket (acceptable by the bus operator) for your journey.
  • arrow (1) Providing refund and support in case of cancellation.
  • arrow (1) Providing customer support and reliable information regarding delay in departure or inconvenience.
  • Don’t Responsibility

  • arrow (1) The bus operator cancelling the trip due to unavoidable reasons.
  • arrow (1) The bus operator changing/modifying the seat number to accommodate a female,Physical Handicapt, Pregnancy lady or child passengers.
  • arrow (1) The baggage of the customers getting lost or stolen or damaged.
  • arrow (1) The bus operator’s bus not departing or reaching on time.
  • arrow (1) The bus operator’s employees being rude.
  • arrow (1) The bus operators and bus seats not being up to customers expectation.
  • arrow (1) The customer waiting at the wrong boarding point.
  • arrow (1) The bus operator changing the boarding point or using a pick up vehicle to let the customers to departure point.
  • Rules for the User

  • arrow (1) The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account and password and to check ny unauthorized access to user account.
  • arrow (1) The user has to agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur through the account
  • arrow (1) The user may use the website for personal or non-commercial purpose only. Anybody are not allowed to re-sell, copy or download and reproduce any data or software for commercial or mal practice.
  • arrow (1) The website can refuse or terminate your transaction or cancel your membership if anything else from the defined limit is found.
  • Eligibility Criteria

  • arrow (1) A person who is not minor can have the access to website. If you are a minor then you have to complete your transaction with the help of your legal guardian.
  • arrow (1) If you are a minor or in competent with regards to the applicable low then the website can refuse or terminate your transaction with the website.
  • Customer Conduct

    The customer or user of this website have to follow the rules Such as,

  • arrow (1) You have no right to modify, reproduce, sell or resell any information from the website.
  • arrow (1) You cannot use the website for any commercial use and shall not resell the tickets to anyone and not include in any malpractice.