The user must ensure and verity the information related to travel such as, Travel date,time and destination spot before conforming the transaction on the website.

The bus operator can deny the customer or to carry his or her luggage in the following circumstances :

  • arrow (1) The customer carrying any illegal, fragile, overweight, inflammable,oversize or anything related to smuggling.
  • arrow (1) The customer being drunken or behaving disorderly that may affect other passengers’ safety and easement.
  • arrow (1) If the booking of the seat and payment is fraudulent.
  • arrow (1) The customer fails to produce a valid boarding ticket or receipt or valid identity proof.
  • arrow (1) The customer is found severely ill and can contract the disease to other passengers.
  • arrow (1) If the customer is a minor.
  • arrow (1) The customer wants to send any illegal, abusive, pornographic, or any anything that threatens the safety of the passengers.